Mayonnaise ice cream is a real thing now

Everyone has different food preferences. For example, some people like ketchup and ranch. Others find this absolutely disgusting. One of the biggest food controversies out there is mayonnaise. You either love it or absolutely despise it. Another great culinary debate is the tasty ice cream flavors. Do you really want a cold pistachio cream? Combining these two issues will give you a massive debate that is unlikely to end in years to come.

Someone got creative

This whole controversy started when someone got creative at Ice, an ice cream parlor in Scotland. You might even be a bit too creative if you're not a big fan of this particular spice.

ice cream

I suppose that mayonnaise had a decline in sales because someone at Hellman's company actually approached the use of their brand. This new ice corn is not only flavored but also has the name of Hellman.

It sparked controversy

When the word came out that the taste existed, social media exploded. Mayonnaise haters compared this invention Jurassic ParkDinosaur disaster. Others have come to alienate people who have conceded to try the concoction.


On the other hand, mayonnaise lovers praise the ice cream parlor. Someone even pointed out that mayonnaise is used all the time in baking. Maybe it's not that bad.

Everything works now

In the defense of Ice, they are known for their crazy flavors. They even have one Monster Icewhich sounds really amazing. But where do we draw the border? Would ice cream makers have full artistic freedom?


Honestly, that's a really stupid question to ask. The person responsible for the kitchen should be able to do whatever they want, as long as nothing really happens to anyone. PS: I'm pretty sure those who claim that the world ends up with this sweet reward are just over the top.


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