Military veteran reunited with best friend after two years

Tom Hansen waited for hours at the airport for her arrival. He became more and more impatient by the minute. When she finally turned the corner and moved towards him, Hansen knelt down and waved to her. It was a joyous reunion, but it's not what you think …

The man's best friend

Army staff Sgt. Tom Hansen had no objection to waiting at the airport for his best friend Taylor the Labrador. In fact, he did not expect to become the best friends with the dog. But that's exactly what happened when he was deployed to Afghanistan and Taylor was his bomb-snooping companion during his ministry. The two quickly formed a relationship that went beyond their work.

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Save his life

Hansen realized that he needed Taylor in his life when the Labrador sniffed an IUP bomb that was only inches from Hansen's foot. Then he realized that he always trusted his dog and "should know that something is there." The two were interdependent and Hansen credits Taylor with keeping him alive in their missions.

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Help him to heal

Just because Hansen had Taylor by his side does not mean he was not hurt. He experienced several encounters with explosives and left several wounds and shocks. Hansen was lucky that he came home with all his members. He was grateful to his best friend for helping him heal. When Hansen was to return home to the United States, he wanted to take Taylor, but it was not so easy.

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

Separated for a while

It is common for dog handlers to adopt their dogs and take them home. But that did not happen to Hansen. Taylor had to stay behind in Afghanistan to help another soldier with his bomb-snooping skills. Hansen was heartbroken, but he knew that one day they would be reunited.

The love of a dog

The happy reunion

This reunion would not take place for another two years when Taylor retired from active service. Hansen, who was now happily engaged and settled in his home in Boise, Idaho, was excited to be reunited with his best friend, All that was needed was a flight attendant from United Airlines, Molli Oliver, to provide financial aid to unite the soldier with his loyal dog, The second Taylor spotted Hansen, she ran into his arms. There was no dry eye near the reunification!

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