Missing three-year-olds were allegedly protected by a bear

Could you imagine losing yourself for days in an icy forest … and keeping yourself warm by a bear? According to Casey Hathaway, a three-year-old resident of North Carolina who was away from home for two days, this was his own experience. Given the conditions, Hathaway's survival was a miracle. And it can really be attributed to a wild bear.

Search for Casey Hathaway

When three-year-old Casey Hathaway was missing in the backyard of his grandmother, he immediately swept through the community. The temperatures in North Carolina were almost frozen when the young dweller disappeared. At just two feet and five inches high, Casey seemed to need a miracle to survive the intense weather.

NYPost office / Craven County Sheriff

Finally, even volunteers had to give up the search for the little boy due to bad weather conditions. After two days, all hope seemed lost … until a brave group of officers, including EMS Captain Shane Grier, came across Casey in the woods. Although he was freezing cold and crying for his mother, he was still alive. In addition to a generous gratitude, everyone wondered how he managed to survive?

A strange redeemer

Young Casey was found only a quarter mile from his grandmother's house in Craven County. Everyone was overwhelmed with joy and celebrations were taking place across the country. Yet many could not believe that a child could survive through such harsh conditions. Even Captain Grier was worried that they would not come to his aid on time. Nevertheless, Casey offered an incredible detail of his disappearance to explain his miraculous survival.


According to Casey, the "friend" kept him company in the woods. It was not a person though. Rather, Casey's buddy had a different form: a carry, Although it may sound bizarre, it is not impossible. According to Major David McFayden of the Sheriff's Office in Craven County, bears in the woods of Craven County were no strangers. And as they continued to study the details of the case, everyone was grateful that Casey was not feeling completely alone.

Comfort by the cold

Even after Casey's safe return, the sheriff's office in Craven County continued to investigate the case. Major McFayden, however, was grateful for the bear, which Casey claimed protected him in the forest. "We are very pleased with this comfort," said McFayden. And those close to Casey are equally thankful for both good mood and his return They really believe that God has sent a bear to take care of Casey.

Breanna Hathaway / Stirile ProTV

According to a close friend of the family, Heather Garris, Casey began to recover quickly. Upon his return, the church was shaken with awe and relief. "It's an eye-opener, definitely one wonder… I have seen them now, when they really happen, "Garris said, while Casey's survival seemed impossible, the resilient three-year broke … and it could be partly because of the bear that helped him.


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