Misunderstood Jobs

Whatever your job is, if you've done it for a while, you've probably heard everything. Once you say whatever it is, somebody will say it, because they know everything about your life. Well, you do not do it. Being a blogger contains many, okay?

Designer Louie Mantia asked his supporters what people most often misunderstood about their job, and there are a lot of people who are incredibly frustrated by the public.

There is the revised and underpaid college faculty:

People whose job it is to criticize popular culture keyword is job, They not only complain:

Journalists, as we all know, have gotten a very bad name in recent years, and the truth is that most of them are not the whole elite:

Just because someone works for Netflix does not mean he can control Netflix ::

The Reverends do not have six days off a week, did you know?

Just because a person's work affects a computer does not mean that the computer does the work:

Libraries are all in stock The Da Vinci CodeThank you

Stop complaining about video games that take so long to come out (which I think people who play video games do):

Just because it sounds great does not mean that it's not a real gig.

Studying religion and being religious can relate, but they are not synonymous with:

The earth will kill us, says this scientist:

Do not ask your friends who make graphic design to draw you:

That's honestly something I hope everyone knows:

But I can not accept that:

If it's not super cool to dig up old bones, blogging through the archeology school is useless.

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