Mother falls in love with sperm donor 12 years

Jessica Share only met her father's father 12 years after she was born. In fact, she did not even know who the man was until there was a chance encounter after a DNA test. The man had anonymously donated his sperm, but when the two finally met, sparks flew. It was the beginning of a love story that none of them would ever forget.

The beginning of everything

In 2005, Share and her ex-wife each had one child, raised by Aaron Long's sperm donation. Three years after the birth of her eldest daughter Alice, the marriage ended and Share's ex-wife left her youngest daughter.

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But ten years later, Alice studied her DNA history with a home kit, 23andMe, to determine her lineage. When she discovered that Long was her father, Share decided to contact him.

Meet the father of her child

Tell Long on the DNA website, and they've started messaging and interacting with social media. The two worked together to find that Long had given birth to ten children through his sperm donations, but he estimates that he could have at least 67 children.

Jessica Share / Facebook

Long arranged a reunion in his hometown of Seattle, where his children could meet him and each other. After meeting in person, Share was immediately connected to her daughter's father after all these years. She wondered if she had finally found "her person".

Her "Modern Love" story

The couple has done it and has been together for over a year. They know that their love story is unique and unconventional, but they would not trade it for the world. Since then, the couple has shared its story with several media companies, including The New York Times.

Lange refers to their relationship as "modern love". He says that the couple are either "destiny bread pieces or ignorant participants in a chromosomally arranged marriage."

Jessica Share / Facebook

If you want to know more about the couple and their unique family, documentary filmmakers Matt Isaac and Craig Downing followed Long's journey to connect with his offspring in a forthcoming documentary Popping forty dollars, In the documentation, all siblings find that they have one thing in common: Long's pronounced, "big" nose. They are definitely his children,


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