Mother nominated for the Australian Top Shielding Baby Award

23-year-old Australian mother Fiona Simpson suffered from heavy bruises and cuts during a hailstorm that could have seriously injured her 4-month-old baby. Thunderstorms in southeastern Queensland hit the region with gigantic hail. What this young mother did to save her daughter in the face of the storm is remarkable.

Mother to the rescue

Fiona Simpson, her grandmother and her little daughter Clara, were traveling on the D & # 39; Aguilar Highway in Australia between Kingaroy and Gympie when a terrible hailstorm hit. Tennis ball big hail suddenly broke her windshield. Simpson stopped and jumped into the back seat to shield her four-month-old baby with her own body. Soon after, another window in Simpson's car was shattered and her grandmother was badly injured by the hail.


Clara was largely unscathed from the ordeal, while Simpson and her grandmother suffered severe injuries. Simpson shared photos of the social media incident and they became viral immediately.

Hail is serious

Simpson and her grandmother had to stay at the hospital for treatment for her injuries. Photos of Simpson's battered face, arms and shoulders did not go unnoticed. Social media and local news organizations quickly turned to Simpson to learn the story of their bravery.


The Australian government has also contacted Simpson to acknowledge their efforts.

The Bravery Award

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has praised Simpson's courage and strength, while Australia's Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszcuk has nominated Simpson for his courage Award, Australia has received awards for courage administered by the Cabinet and the Department of the Prime Minister. Since the winners are announced each year in April and August, the awards from the Cross of Valor range from top honors to honors for Brave Conduct.

The stir

Regardless of the results, Simpsons daughter Clara will surely vote for her Mother of the year,


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