Mothers respond to & # 39; How can I use microwaves in Turkey? & # 39; Prank

The #TurkeyChallenge has become viral and has upset mothers, confused and dreaded the future of their children. While it's unknown how the challenge began, countless people ask their mothers, "How long do I cook a 25 pounds." Turkey in the microwave? "See screenshots of how her mother reacts.

Where is the baking bag?

A mother was not sure what her child wanted to achieve, but she was ready to help. Carlos pretended that his father would not let him use the stove and sent her a photo of a raw turkey in the microwave. Her advice: "Do not get sick!"

Some other mothers were a bit more dubious.


Do not marry

This mother answered skeptically: "You can not be serious?" When Sarah asked if she wanted to make a turkey for Friendsgiving. In order not to let her daughter off the hook, she said to her, "Never marry." She was still hesitant about the plan, asking for the pictures Sarah had sent.

The next mother on the list took her answer from dubious to shocked.


You will be dead

Dorothy told her mother she cooks a full turkey in the microwave, not just a turkey breast. With a loud "Nooooo" her mother tried to convince her that she was making a deadly mistake. She insisted that she not serve anyone a downed turkey. This reaction is to defy from death to absolutely not confident.


You should be responsible for napkins

Russell tried to play a trick on his sister Holly, just to say, "Why the hell would they give you the turkey?" She knew him too well and insisted that his friends did not know him and that he should have taken over the napkins or the wine instead. In order not to be outdone, this next answer reads the blame trigger.


I'm going to take Grandpa to the doctor

They are officially an imposition, is the message behind King J's mother, who responds to his questionable microwaves of turkey. She says she brings Grandpa doctor and he officially charges her. No doubt King J still thinks to ask your mother about it Microwaves in Turkey is the highlight of the season.



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