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Mysterious blue light over New York City Sparks theories


Not many people expected a bright blue light to light up the sky as they looked out their window last Thursday night. In fact, many were afraid that it was something more than what it really was. When conspiracies flowed in and people questioned their origins, the real reason for the mysterious bright lights is not all that mysterious.

The light is bright

At 21.10 o'clock On Thursday evening a massive boom could be heard in the distance. Gentle hum and blue light flickered. New Yorkers looked out of their windows and found a strange blue light illuminating the night sky.


The blue lighting was visible for miles in the dark sky, and residents from all over the world marveled at its beauty. Although some people wondered what it could be. Almost as soon as the blue light crept over the night sky, the wild ideas flooded over what caused the blue light.

Wild conspiracies

A resident of Astoria, Yiota Androtsakis, considered the light to be UFO, while others thought it was worse. Within hours, Twitter was full of conspiracies. One man wrote: "When I get superpowers in Queens, I start every tweet like a CW hero show." the blue light that would not be lit? "Yes that would be it!

NBC Bay Area

At the same time, New York authorities were also trying to figure out what was wrong. They were as confused by the bright light as the patrons of the city. The residents notified the authorities of emergency calls as they tried to get to the bottom of the action.

The real reason

While the Internet has been busy plotting what the blue light has caused, the real reason could be just as interesting. According to ConEd, which provides power to New York, the blue light was caused by equipment failures in one of its power plants.


"The fault was on a device that monitors the voltage, not on a transformer explosionThe spokesman said, "The failure results in the release of heat and light. The light is what people saw last night. "Although a response is not as exciting as a UFO, it is also an answer – do you see this puzzle solved – or is that what the government wants us to think? cigarette smokers from X-Files,


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