New Lightsaber App Lets You Battle Like A Jedi

Every Star Wars fan has dreamed of wielding a lightsaber and using the Force. Now, two companies are making everyone’s Jedi dreams become a reality.

Tech company Lenovo and Disney teamed up to bring more authentic lightsaber duels to living rooms with the game Star Wars: Jedi Challenges. With the help of this amazing augmented reality (AR) game for smartphones, fans of the Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire can come together to battle Jedi and Sith lords in the comfort of their homes.

Experiencing The Star Wars Universe

The game features three game modes: “Lightsaber Battles,” “Strategic Combat,” and “Holochess.”

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Lightsaber Battles is obviously the most popular, as players get to engage in ACTUAL LIGHTSABER BATTLES against the most infamous Sith lords. The next game mode, Strategic Combat, allows players to act as commander of the rebel army through various challenges. Lastly, Holochess is the exact game Chewie and C-3PO played in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. 

But if smiting Sith lords from the movies isn’t your thing, the newest upgrade to the game now lets you take a stab at enemies closer to home…

A ‘Dream Come True’

The most recent update to the game added a multiplayer option. Yep, that’s right. Battle it out with friends and family with at least two lightsabers and headsets with Lightsaber Versus Mode.

This feature is literally a dream come true for all Star Wars fans, as they can even take advantage of force powers to make the battle easier, or harder for their opponent.


Multiplayer mode seems to be easy at first, but the pace then quickens, forcing players to duck and dodge their opponents at a faster pace to test their true Jedi abilities.

More To Come With ‘Jedi Challenges

The Force is indeed strong with Lenovo and Disney, as the two companies managed to allow players to use force powers and battle their friends with lightsabers without wrecking the house. While the potential for this game has just begun, check out the video below to see the Jedi battles in action.

Time to retire those collapsible lightsabers, perhaps?


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