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One buys storage unit for $ 500 and finds $ 7.5 million inside


Imagine having bought an attractive storage box for your spices in the Container Store, bringing it home and finding the Hope Diamond inside. That's what happened when a man recently bought a warehouse and found a $ 10 million safe in it. Well, these examples can not be monetarily parallel to each other, but you have the idea.

Bang for your buck

Dan Dotson, a TV auctioneer, is the owner of American auctioneers. He was often featured in Storage Wars, the reality show on the A & E Network.

The star

He shared an anecdote with a woman at a charity event on his Facebook page, saying, "My husband works for a guy and he bought a unit for $ 500 from you, and it had a vault. " To find safes in a store, Dotson explains that they are usually empty. Not this one here

Cold hard money

Apparently, the new owner of the warehouse has hired a professional who opens the safe. The first attempt was unsuccessful. The second attempt worked. The safe was 7.5 million dollars.

Yahoo news

The camp's previous owner next tried to buy the device back for $ 820,000 from the Safe-Blaster, then doubled it. The offer was rejected. (I mean, hello, math is counting, people.) Finally, a lawyer helped the original owners and the new owner settle for $ 1.2 million.

What would you do?

The identity of the man who has opened the safe and location is a secret to the finder's privacy. Hopefully it protects him from relatives who show up and demand a loan, a breast augmentation or a down payment Tesla,

She is the first

The story does not open for a lot of fun hypoetheticals, Just in case you are one day richer by $ 1.2 or $ 7.5 million, give or give a few dollars. When Dotson asked for his post, "What would you do?"


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