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Parent refused to let children go to school because the teacher was gay


Although the LGBT community has become stronger in society, many members continue to face discrimination. When the theater teacher Michael Neri was confronted with an incredibly homophobic parent, he had every right to be angry. His mature and fun clapback could not be more perfect!

Theater and the LGBT community

For many LGBT + teens, theaters can be a safe haven to express themselves and connect with the queer community. During the last decade, queer individuals have found other spaces in which they can safely represent themselves. However, there is no lack of homophobia in society – even in the safest areas of the community.

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While LGBT + inclusion has made tremendous progress over the years, there are still many who discriminate against the community for their education and beliefs. Unfortunately, Michael Neri's theater coaches and the Talking Props Theater School have experienced great homophobia from the parents of two future students. The way he handled it, however, sends waves over the Internet!

An insanely insulting parent

In 2015, Michael – who is openly gay – received a rousing sms from a parent of two students enrolled in one of his classes. The message had nothing to do with his talent, reputation or abilities; it was more of a stab in his sexuality. At first, Michael was shocked by the rudeness of the mother's rude, accusatory message.

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In the text, the mother explained that she had heard good things about her lessons when she enrolled her children. However, as a "Christian," she did not want her students to attend a class where they "could be influenced by unconventional ideas." After insulting Michael's lifestyle, she finally asked for her down payment to return her class. However, Michael had other ideas for the intrusive parents!

Michael's remarkably perfect answer

In his response, Michael reacted quietly and strangely to the pejorative messages of the parents! He told her that people of homophobic faith in his class would be disturbing to everyone. He also questioned the validity of the mother, which bases her abilities on his sexuality. He then had a bit of fun and shared that "theater without gays is like cooking without spices". He was also annoyed that confetti should not impose their Christian lifestyle in their show! But Michael did not forget to return her request for her money.

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"Unfortunately, the deposits are not repayable," replied Michael, "but do not worry, your down payment was due to Stonewall LGBT Charity. "His answer was more mature than most could fathom, and many people – including Christians – praised Michael for his powerful clapback! However, Michael is not against having the children of parents in his class in the future – as long as they come with open minds and hearts.


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