Parents noticed a tiny detail about her daughter's grin

Children are constantly growing and it can be difficult to keep up with every little physicality that they develop. However, when this girl's smile seemed only a little bit, her parents were notified immediately and it could be the reason she is alive.

A life-changing smile

Back in the spring of 2017, Megan Evans lived the life of an average seven-year-old. The naughty kid loved the theater, the arts, and the cheerleading. However, a Halloween party turned the life of Little Megan into a single smile.

Charlene McCann

During a Halloween party in 2017, Megan's parents Charlene and Jason were worried about Megan's grin. For some reason, her smile seemed to develop a crooked turn. Everyone else insisted it was not a big deal, but the couple listened to their parenting instincts and took Megan to the hospital. They could not possibly have prepared for what the doctor had discovered.

An overwhelming diagnosis

As it turned out, Megan's smile seemed strange, and not small either. A tangerine-sized tumor had consumed nearly 1/4 of Megan's brain. Distracted and confused, her parents quickly agreed to an emergency operation to have the tumor removed. Half a day later, Megan expected a successful operation. Nevertheless, their problems were not over.

Charlene McCann

After the traumatic experience, Megan was almost completely blind and unable to speak. Slowly she began to regain her ability to speak, but her vision has remained severely impaired. Now she and her parents are working towards a better future. But it will still not be easy to give Megan the treatment she needs.

Hope for further recovery

It is possible that Megan regains all her visions – but not without specialized help. She hopes to visit Dr. Anton Federov from the Visually Impaired Center in Berlin, who was successful in guiding people from 5% vision to 100% vision. She is currently collecting money for her travel and treatment, and she has not slowed her down.

Jay Hus

Megan knew about a stick and learned to read braille. Nevertheless, she admits that she finds "the changes in" [her] Life is really difficult to adapt to, "and hopes that Dr. Federov's treatment can restore her eyesight.The most important thing is that she tumor was removed in time to save Megan's life … just because her parents knew her smile so well!


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