Paris Hilton Asked People To Tell Her Something She Doesn’t Know And Twitter Obliged

Paris Hilton asks people to tell her something she does not know and Twitter Obligatory

The art of being famous just to try to become famous is nothing new.

And while the Kardashians have perfected the achievements of fame for virtually nothing in our era, think back to the early 2000s – the days of T-Mobile Sidekicks, Lil Jon, and everything else – if you will. Remember long enough and you may remember a certain Paris Hilton, the celebrity and daughter of the Hilton Hotel Tycoon.

The OG is a notorious girl. And with OG I mean literally OG, she basically gave Kim a blueprint on how to climb the ladder.

Kim was once a friend of Paris, and before she was the master pioneer, bringing her family to life, She organized Hilton's closet and from the Type of photos so other people could make pictures with the big personality.

Their careers had similar beginnings – both women became famous after their leaked sex tapes hit the market, but the Kardashians took the scandal and ran with it. And while the K's family drama is pretty much the only celebrity gossip that's getting year after year, Paris has relatively withdrawn from the reality TV spotlight to keep going to a variety of other business opportunities,

She also tweets thought-provoking questions as follows:

Well, that could have been an innocent and proper caption to that cheeky / glamorous photo she posted on Twitter. But people have taken their question to heart and have really done everything to tell something that Hilton probably did not know.

What started as a joke soon became a lavish list of obscure and interesting facts. Like, did you know that "boss" is an incomplete title?

You could have forgotten this gem from the Geometry class.

Science has also quickly gained in density very quickly. Fascinating anyway.

I'll pretend I know what this guy is talking about.

Now I WISH that I've picked up on that earlier, are you serious? One, three, five, seven, nine … my god …

I knew there was a reason why I loved sloths by nature. She does not poke because they are that lazy? That would be great.

Grammatical and linguistic rules were also served.

Obvious jokes started to roll, but they were still true.

Look at this cosmic knowledge here. White night sky, baby.

Oh, did you want to do a lesson in an obscure geography? You have arrived in the right place.

However, some facts are a bit closer to home. Like this photo of Jesse Heiman and Paris.

How cool would it be if Paris had had this photo printed somewhere on a desk, and Jesse guessed she had forgotten they'd ever accepted it?

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