People Are Sharing Their Craziest Childhood Stories And How Did Any Of Us Survive?

People share their craziest childhood stories and how does one of us survive?

Kids always have those weird quirks, and when I mean weird, I mean, for real strange. So weird that you have no idea where they caught the peculiarity.

When I was three or four, I had clear memories of slipping into the bathroom to eat toothpaste when no one was looking. I do not know why I liked the taste of Aquafresh so much, but I just did it.

When my son sits down, he does it the other way around – "Indian Style," with his knees spread out to one side. I do not know how he gets his legs for it, but when I see it, it drives me crazy.


Eating things that should not be eaten and sitting so that adults stink are fairly "normal" behaviors compared to some of those stories people share on Twitter.

The thread was started by @prinxeMu, which remembered the time when they showed how far they wanted to go, so as not to listen to their mother.

The moral of the story? @prinxeMu does not like to be told what to do, even if it means destroying his hand.

People began to tell their own stories about childhood madness, which reveals a lot about their character.

Whether it's a dangerous love of enthusiasm and sweets that lead to battered teeth.

Some children showed unwavering problem-solving skills when they were young.

While others were a bit more … unique.

As a serious couch butter.

Some children had an obsession with changing outfits several times a day.

Behavior that followed them into adulthood.

If that happens, my mom or dad would say, "See what I said, see what happens?"

There was this very precocious 4-year-old.

An early maturity that sometimes leads to nightmares.

Yes, maybe a first year should not read that.

A fun day at the pool gets annoying.

But not angry enough to stop swimming.

Some, however, were less dramatic.

Then there was this delightful story about religious guilt.

Everyone always loves a good bully revenge story.

Equally impressive is that they could make a good punch with their shoelaces.

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