PETA married the wrong seafood restaurant

When it comes to Twitter, companies have been using the platform for years to roast each other. Whether Wendy's head-to-head relationship with Burger King over the best burger or controversial Tacol Bell Illuminati claims of who runs social media for these businesses is full of clever and creative burns. However, when the company PETA decided to make an appointment with a seafood restaurant, they were a little more than they could chew!

So, PETA is a bit controversial

It is no secret that PETA is one of the most controversial companies in the world. In a society dominated by meat-eaters, the organization strives to promote veganism and vegetarianism. Although this is a noble effort, PETA's earlier initiatives have not always been fully targeted or effective. And recently they messed up with the wrong seafood joint!

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Confusion with the wrong seafood restaurant

Recently, PETA has decided to put up posters to discourage seafood consumption. Small problem: It was right next to a seafood restaurant, Jimmy's Famous Seafood, who were not happy about PETA's attack on their business. So they decided to tweet PETA with a picture of their headquarters: "Come out and show your face." It started soon a twisted Twitter battle!

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Start an epic battle

In the following days, Jimmy's Famous Seafood has been tweeted on PETA several times, including hypocritical actions and photos of cooked crabs! Some people accepted their tweets, which Jimmy liked to roast every single back. Finally, PETA decided to jump in and try to stop her taunting.

@ JimmysSeafood / Twitter

PETA's strong comeback

PETA tweeted to Jimmy & # 39; s that "nobody wants to be cooked alive" and that they should add "#vegan options" to their menu. They also tried to reject the claim that their shelter had a 90% kill rate with an article their team wrote. Jimmy quickly turned her touching reaction into a big fire material and gave PETA a taste of her own medicine.

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Who really won this war?

Jimmy called PETA her own article and tweeted third-party Twitter sources revealing the true values ​​behind it PETA's shelter, And as more PETA supporters stepped in to defend the company, Jimmy fired back with some hilarious Insults. In the end, Jimmy's and PETA both made formidable comebacks, and their feud is still ongoing. But something other than crabs was roasted at Jimmy this week!

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