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Photos of a rare white reindeer in Norway are pure magic


The holiday season is the perfect time for miracles, especially the way that highlights the special at this time of the year. And when this young photographer came across a rare white reindeer, he could barely gather enough to take those breathtaking shots. Rudolph has nothing on this precious calf!

Proof of the holiday magic

If the norwegian photographer Mads Nordsveen As he wandered through the wild north of Norway, he had not expected to encounter an incredibly rare, almost mythical creature. But when he took his camera through the snowy landscape to take some nature shots, the 24-year-old photographer did just that!

The Weather Channel / Mads Nordsveen / Cater News

At first he barely noticed the beautiful creature he had met magically. The fluffy, pale animal blended in perfectly with the snow and was almost invisible to Nordsveen. When it turned out to be better able to see Nordsveen, the animal he had stumbled upon was completely stunned: a white reindeer calf. But what makes the little guy so special?

The rarity of the white reindeer

White reindeer are rare in the wild. Of all reindeer born, only about every 50th inherits a white fur property. So Nordsveen, stumbling over the cute creature, was a breathtaking moment for him … the more so as he began to approach him.

Animal Channel / Mads Nordsveen / Delicatessen

Considering the fact that reindeer are prey, Nordsveen expected he would scare them if he came too close too fast or tried to make sudden shots. The reindeer, however, seemed to understand that Nordsveen was "calm and friendly," and finally approached him curiously. Nordsveen stared at Nordsveen with his big, perfect-looking eyes and seemed ready for the camera. Nordsveen took the opportunity to capture the encounter!

Hold the breathtaking moment

In some spectacular pictures, Nodsveen captured the beauty and gentleness of the tiny, snow-colored reindeer. As the mother patiently observed the creature from a distance, Nordsveen admired the reindeer at close range.

Instagram / @ mads

"We looked each other straight in the eye," Nordsveen said awed. "It was almost as if he was posing for the camera." Fortunately, Norsveen captured the magical moment with his outstanding moment photography Skills and shared the sweet white reindeer calf with the rest of the world. In the rarity of the reindeer, the pictures were truly a majestic, unique opportunity.


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