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Photos of Moscow in winter look like a fairyland


Moscow Russia is known for its rich history and freezing winters. In bitter weather and cloudy weather, this is probably the last place you would expect fantastic photography. Thanks to the camera and the hope of showing the world how beautiful the city is, a photographer set out to document his beauty.

Illuminate Red Square

He photographed 28 incredible pictures on Reddit under the username Kristina Makeeva. The first one was shot in red
Square, shows St. Basil's Cathedral.

Bored Panda

The dark lighting of the fireworks in the foreground gives way to the incredible design and majestic nature of the cathedral. Red Square is a popular tourist attraction for millions of people visiting Russia every year.

The spirit of the city center

Another image posted on Reddit comes from downtown Moscow. It looks like a light display hanging over the city street. Once again taken at night, colorful white and gold lights hang from the buildings, illuminating their contours in perfect harmony.

Bored Panda

"Before New Year, my city is turning into a Christmas story, I'm trying to show it in my style, inviting you to see this magical beauty," comments the photographer. "Moscow is my favorite city, it's amazing."

White forest

Even the barren, colorless landscapes of the Russian forest can adapt to the vivid colors of the city that were captured during the holiday season. Listed on Bored Panda as picture 21, a beautiful short of white wood in the foreground gives a number of buildings a special touch.

Bored Panda

As the trees bend in the wind, they dust gently with the gentle touch of a fresh fallen snowIt's easy to see how this photographer wanted to share his world with the Internet. Whether it is the bright lights of the city or the majestic forests of Russia, there is no doubt about that beauty from Russia is hard to miss with these fantastic photos.


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