Photos of the most beautiful libraries in the world

Libraries are invaluable places to learn and expand the mind. In honor of these wonderful places, the Italian artist Massimo Listri set about photographing the most beautiful libraries in the world. These photos, which have now been published in a book published in July, capture both the architectural elegance and a small piece of history.

Abbey Library Admont, Austria

The first beautiful library on our list, the Admont Abbey Library in Austria, is the largest monastery library in the world. Designed to express the ideals of the Enlightenment, light streams into this beautiful space with the help of 48 windows and bounces off the golden and white colors of the room.

Max Lister

Library of the Abbey Wiblingen, Germany

Next, the library of the Abbey Wiblingen in Germany is a brilliant example of Rococo style at its best. Characterized by elaborate ornaments and imaginative curved forms, the rococo style reached its peak in the 18th century. This happens at the same time as this beautiful library was built in 1714.

Max Lister

Strahov Library, Prague

With more than 200,000 volumes, the Strahov Library in Prague has a lot to tell. After completion in 1679, the library was damaged by the bombing of the building in 1742 by French and Bavarian troops. Today, the library is still open for guided tours and for those who want to relax in the reading room.

Max Lister

Ottobeuren Abbey Library, Germany

It is no wonder that Listri feels the need to conquer this enchanting place. The Ottobeuren Abbey Library in Germany is part of a larger monastery, which housed more than 10,000 subjects in 1802. Today, the monastery hosts concerts with sounds from some of Europe's most valuable organs.

Max Lister

Library of the abbey Seitenstetten, Austria

Last but not least, Kloster Seitenstetten In Austria, an incredible library is located, which surrounds the light to make the interior appear bright blue. The monastery was founded in 1112 and is today At home to an extravagant garden with more than 110 species of roses.

Max Lister


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