Pit Bull runs into Mama's bed and ends up saving the life of a little boy

Dogs are secretly angels in fur coats. The sensitivity of Canine causes them to take action when something is wrong, and alert people in emergency situations quickly. When a rescued pit bull realized that one of his people had a seizure, she immediately grabbed the attention of a family member to seek help. Pit bulls often have a bad reputation, but this story proves that every dog ​​in a loving home can really be a lifesaver.

family first

Adore-A-Bull, Cincinnati, Ohio, is a refuge that focuses on placing pit bulls in good homes with worshiping families. Some people fear that pit bulls are inherently vicious or destructive, but Ember was a sweetheart, loyal and eager to build ties with their adoptive family.

Adore-A-Bull Rescue

The Daniels family noted that Ember became very protective of her ten-year-old son Tre Daniels, who suffered from seizures. Every night in bed Ember sat proudly at the foot of Tre's bed.

No brawler

One night, Three's mother heard bizarre sounds from Ember. The pit bull insisted on getting a wife. Daniel's attention when Tre had a seizure. Three's mother followed Ember, where she found her son in the bathtub.

Facebook / Angela Ingram Local 12 News

Thanks to Ember's quick thinking, Three was taken to the hospital for treatment and was able to return home after stabilization. Despite Ember's outward appearance, she proved that she had loving instincts and was incredibly loyal. She never left Tre's side and acted wisely without special training.

Award winning pit bull

Ember's actions prompted Tre's family to campaign for pit bulls, hoping to change the rigid view of the breed. When Ember took part in a petco holiday wish campaign, she beat the competition and won a prize of $ 10,000.

Life with dogs

Pay the advance, Embers price money was used to help Adore-A-Bull and the work of the organization. Of course, dogs of all breeds want to protect, love and be loved by loving families. Ember's family does what it can to change people's negative attitude towards pit bulls.


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