Professor finds way to help students to save money on textbooks

One of the biggest challenges for college students is the payment of textbooks. Some students pay more than $ 500 per semester. As a result, many students have stopped ordering their required textbooks for lack of affordability. At that time, a professor developed a clever gap to help his students save money. He had no idea that his simple act of kindness would eventually become a viral story.

Too much money

According to CBS News, Sixty-five percent of college students have stopped buying their required textbooks for lack of affordability. But instead of cutting costs, textbook publishers have increased average book prices over the last 10 years.

Pixabay / FelixMitter Meier

There are many ways to save money on textbooks. This includes ordering used copies, offering open access texts, or sharing a textbook with a classmate or friend. But none of these methods is as clever as the idea that a professor had to help his students save money.

Loophole around the scams

Many professors write or compose textbooks and then request them for their classes; Therefore, the professor receives royalties on a textbook that students may not use as often as other textbooks.

UBC Learning Commons / Flickr

But according to a Reddit user, his professor had had enough of this scam. He wrote his own textbook and he knew that the university's student bookstore would charge its own price for it. He could not distribute his own printed copies for free, but the publisher's contract did not say anything about "non-printed" content.

Handwriting The textbook

The students were probably surprised when their professor handwritten the textbook page by page, including every equation, diagram, and number. The professor then made copies on the first day of class and distributed them to his students for free.

Unsplash / Lubomyr Myronyuk

While handwriting a lengthy textbook It would have taken some time to complete it, it was worth the professor's help students, We know who deserves this year's Professor of the Year Award.


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