Pup was once fat to be "too big", now he is a huge star

Would you give up this absolutely precious puppy for his size? Unfortunately that happened to poor Bertram. But fortunately he was saved in a life of art, adventure and travel! Now Bertram is one of Instagram's biggest dog stars – and he is taking New York City by storm!

Sweet, bearded Bertram

You just have to look at little Bertram to fall in love with his sweet face! The most cherished feature of the puppy is that it resembles a bear cub, which has earned him many sweet points online. However, Bertram was not always the star he is today. At the beginning of his life, this sweet pie was terribly unwanted!

@ Bertiebertthepom / Instagram

A damn rough start

Bertram was born under the care of a breeder, but he was not sold like the rest of his siblings. Instead of finding a loving family to adopt, his breeder considered him "too big" and threw him into a shelter! Luckily he was not left long. Kathy Grayson, a New York-based artist, fell in love with Bertram and flew to New York to start a new life!

@ Bertiebertthepom / Instagram

Rocking Bertrams big city life

As soon as Bertram entered the streets of New York, the cheeky and delightful Pomeranian took over the city! Since Kathy owned an art gallery, Bertram began visiting galleries and immediately winning the hearts of fellow artists. Nevertheless, his public involvement did not end in the art world. The puppy is now familiar in almost any environment, especially when it's the center of attention! Kathy quickly realized that the dog needed a bigger platform to share his precious life!

@ Bertiebertthepom / Instagram

Bertram's brilliant adventure

Now Bertram has an Instagram account to track all his fantastic adventures! With over 180,000 followers, Bertram shares his adventures in the Big Apple and across the country. You can admire his art, play in the park, shop at his local grocery and much more! Nobody can get enough of the prestigious, well-dressed puppy – and he's certainly a fan of attention!

@ Bertiebertthepom / Instagram

His hilarious human personality

Bertram is a professional posing for pictures, mingling Art Galleriesand take photos with his many, many fans! The little guy is smart at looking sharp and seems to know exactly how enchanting he is really. How could anyone ever throw away such a well-behaved, sweet-faced dog?

@ Bertiebertthepom / Instagram


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