Read this powerful Twitter thread Crushing Vaccine Misunderstandings

We are fortunate enough to live in a world of advanced medical knowledge and technology that enables us to fight and prevent diseases. However, some people reject common methods due to irrational, emotion-related beliefs. Luckily, there are people out there with the facts that take it upon themselves to prevent ridiculous medical conspiracies!

The plight of Anti-Vaxxers

In the last ten years, a new group of drug-resistant parents has emerged: Anti-Vaxxer. These people are vehemently deniers of many mainstream vaccinations, which are highly recommended for most children. While this may sound medically reckless, their reasons for vaccination are even more bizarre!

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According to Anti-Vaxxer, vaccinating children can be a threat to their mental and physical health. They believe that certain essential ingredients in vaccines can be more harmful than helpful. Many even believe that vaccines can cause autism! Fortunately, an informed user contacted Twitter this week to clarify the facts about vaccinations.

Breaking up bad arguments

Twitter user Taylor Sharp (@tsharp) was fed up with seeing false arguments from anti-Vaxxers and decided to do her own research. In the end, she wrote her entire editorial on the truth about vaccinations! After completing her studies, she decided to use social media to end the lies.

@ Taaylorshaarp / Twitter

In a fantastic, factual thread Taylor tore open a variety of false arguments presented by anti-Vaxxers. She explained that vaccines are not capable of causing autism and talked about the fact that the ingredients in vaccines are available to increase the effectiveness and effectiveness of vaccines. However, she did not just talk about the effects of vaccines on the child she receives!

A wave of support

Taylor has also made incredible points about how important vaccinations are in a community! They ensure that children with a weaker immune system are not exposed to diseases that can cause unvaccinated children to health damage. At the end, she has quoted her awesome tirade, even her sources!

@ Taaylorshaarp / Twitter

Many Twitter users were grateful for Taylor's willingness to tell the truth about a controversial topic! From professors to disease biologists to politicians, everyone praised their epic, well-researched topic. I hope your words have opened the eyes of those who have not yet vaccinate your children!


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