Real-Life Grumpy Cat 2.0 melts hearts in the shelter

Life for stray tabby cats like Saul is rough. This loveable homeless cat has warmed the hearts to his sullen appearance as he still recovers after a tragic car accident. Hoping to link Saul to a loving home, hospital staff and the Internet have joined forces to promote Saul as the next Grumpy Cat 2.0.

No one mad puss

Do not be fooled by the stares and the scowl; Saul enjoys being received and showered with affection and attention. This ginger tabby has a lot of hardness, so that his grumpy face denies his cuddly cat's heart. Although life was not always too friendly for Saul, he still manages to spend social and playful moments with the hospital staff when they are looking for cuddles.

RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital / Instagram

Through the wire

It is something transformative to deal with death thoroughly and to require intensive surgery. Like Kanye West, Saul had to shut her mouth to repair the damage caused by a car accident. This poor kitty suffered injuries to jaw, teeth and an eye.

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Harder than nine lives

Before taking charge of RSPCA's Putney Animal Hospital, Saul roamed the streets of London homeless without a microchip. Saul can consider himself a lucky ginger if he survives the roads and the traffic. The staff recognized Saul's resilience and character, saying he could give the grumpy cat a run for his money.

Bored Panda

A gentleman ginger

At first glance, Saul looks like he's enjoying scratching and biting with his sour face. Saul is a sweetheart and has worked as a security guard in the hospital and has watched closely whenever possible. Getting hugs from the staff is always an excellent way to share good mood.

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Future Selfie Stardom

Saul's signature and stare have made him a major fanbase on the Internet. The fans faded over this fantastic cat. Instagram lovers of this sweet tabby and hospital staff can agree on one thing: Saul's face makes him even more worthy to be adopted by a lover family, This cat has high hopes for celebrity on the internet Fame in his future

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