Restaurant owner has the most heartwarming way to help

Homelessness is an epidemic that has spread throughout the world. In fact, every year at least 100 million people live without a home. Helping these people is a task that we have to face. A restaurant in Australia is already making great progress. They help the homeless to feed in a way that nobody thought possible.

A rough past

Mr. Sood, the owner of an Australian restaurant, was once homeless himself. He arrived in Brisbane, Australia, hoping to become a business owner. Things did not go as fast as he would have liked.

The things

Sood spent two weeks in a park. Although it does not take long, two weeks without a home can feel like an eternity. Therefore, Sood decided that if his dream came true, he would help others in the same situation.

Pay forwards

Sood finally opened his dream restaurant Ginger and Garlic. Every evening at 10:30 he opens the restaurant for those who need a hot meal. By serving leftover food, he is able to help the homeless in his community while gaining profits and preventing food waste.


Ginger and Garlic is also heavily promoting its program. Signs are always attached to the door indicating when the needy can get a free meal.

A bright future

Unfortunately, Ginger and Garlic serves only eight or nine homeless people every day. However, they are working in different ways to solve the problem. They want to help as many people as possible.

Hope mission

What is Sood doing with his dream? restaurant Really is amazing. We hope that his good deed will inspire others. Only then can we really begin to fight homeless epidemic that is plaguing our world.


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