Retirees notes why Holiday Inn is the best retirement home

Being a senior can be tough on the wallet, but a guy from Texas knows where to spend his golden years. Terry Robinson plans to stay longer at the local Holiday Inn instead of living in a nursing home aged. Thanks to "senior discounts" and sophisticated financial planning, the Holiday Inn has a typical nursing home beat.

Stellar service and savings

Nursing homes are not always the ideal place for seniors retired. Elderly adults may experience maltreatment by caregivers, wounds or insufficient personal attention. Terry Robinson has the right idea for a cost-effective and customer-focused retirement home.

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Hotels like the Holiday Inn offer free shampoo, soaps and a complimentary breakfast. Recreational amenities include an indoor pool, a spa tub, and a fitness facility. The hotel staff is delighted to make sure the guests are satisfied, and Terry will not feel like a patient.

The bottom dollar

Compared with the average cost of a year's stay in a nursing home, the value of a Holiday Inn is a boisterous moment for seniors. Nursing homes cost an average of $ 188 per night for an elderly person, but seniors can take advantage of the Holiday Inn's $ 59.23 per night rate, including happy hour and room service.

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If you receive a hotel employee of $ 5 per day, it will not hurt a senior's paperback, and it's nice to have attentive and responsible staff to ensure a comfortable stay. Hotels offer security, entertainment and stylish accommodations that can compete with any nursing home. In addition, seniors like Terry Robinson can spend their retirement years in several Holiday Inn locations.

Live long and wastefully

Terry Robinson's plan to stay in a Holiday Inn is worthy of a virgin, a smart money decisionand offers seniors a lot of flexibility. As the hotel chain has over 1,000 locations, it is easy to get a landscaping and a room with a view without being on a waiting list for months.

Family and friends can visit easily vacation Inn location and enjoy a short mini vacation with complimentary amenities. Shuttles and taxis can transport seniors to hotel locations. When a retiree's time has run out, hotel staff can take care of calling an ambulance or a mortician.


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