Russian Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Popular Character

All in all, makeup gurus are some of the most celebrated people on the internet. Their ability to create stunning looks from next to nothing leaves many amazed at their talents. But this young Russian makeup artist isn’t just skilled with creating images of beauty. She transforms into some incredible characters…and her resemblance to these fictional figures is mind-boggling!

Spectacular Makeup Art

Brilliant makeup artists have proven time and time again that there are no limits to what you can accomplish with a little powder and polish! In the last decade, new feats in makeup genius have swept across the globe, and many sensational stylists have learned how to take transforming their faces to the next level. One of these epic trends? Recreating your entire face, of course.

Instagram/ noaxaon

One of the most popular forms of abstract makeup is completely distorting one’s face past the point of recognition, both in positive and spooky ways. Some people make their faces look entirely inhuman; other times, they become celebrity doppelgangers in a matter of hours. However, this one Russian artist doesn’t just mimic real people or replicate monsters — she brings animations to life.

Tackling Terrific Characters

Ksenia Perova may be recognized for her brilliance now, but she certainly didn’t plan on becoming a viral sensation for her makeup skills. The 22-year-old Russian artist only just began to participate in cosplay back in 2014. While she was likely doing it for fun at the time, her skills soon drew plenty of positive attention her way. It’s not hard to see why!

Instagram/ noaxaon

It’s clear that Perova is no stranger to navigating complex makeup, yet she takes her potential to the extreme with every look. It’s difficult to imagine how she pulls all of her unique styles off, but she can seemingly transform her face shape, size, texture, and appearance with a bit of foundation and gloss. What makes her looks fun, though, isn’t merely how difficult they seem to be to accomplish. Rather, it’s the often precious and childish figures she’s personifying through her work.

An Uncanny Transformation

Perova seems to be a master of illusion, and all of her looks seem to bring otherwise fictional characters to life. It’s a bit hard to get over her intense precision in every role she adapts to! Tackling everything from Kim Possible to Wednesday Addams to Elsa, Perova nails the images of numerous fictional powerhouses with ease.

Instagram/ noaxaon

On her Instagram account, @noaxaon, Perova posts her incredible looks, celebrating makeup, cosplay, and film/television with pride. While recognition from 80k followers is certainly a perk, it’s clear that Perova would continue to cosplay whether she gained fame from it or not. She truly accomplishes every kid’s fantasy: transforming into the whimsical characters of their dreams!


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