Russian photoblogger sneaks into secret places and reveals what's inside

11. Potentially careless, not abandoned

Normally, the places Lana Sator sneaks to are long gone. But what made the factory in Khimki so disturbingly unique is that it worked, believe it or not. That being said, Lana and her friends were stunned by the fact that no one had stopped them.

lana sator russian photoblogger

Gizmodo / Lana Sator

Apparently there were guard dogs on site, but they did not bother the Russian photoblogger team anyway. Oddly enough, no other security officials were in sight, nor were they any of the factory's many employees. There was not even a janitor nearby. Lana and the crew did not know much when they entered the building, but there were actually video cameras in the facility.


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