Russian photoblogger sneaks into secret places and reveals what's inside

13. A huge operation

It turned out that the manufacturer of the factory was NPO Energomash. The manufacturing company was responsible for building missiles and powering models such as Soyuz, Angara, Baikal and Zenit 3SL. In addition, they produce the fuel for American weapons, such as the Atlas V, which was in the construction phase.

lana sator russian photoblogger

Gizmodo / Lana Sator

Even if Lana knew exactly what she was doing by uploading the institution's photos to her blog, her friends and her friends were far more involved than they could have guessed. They had no idea who would face them. The network of intrigues was also fueled by the fact that the company that owns the factory was directly connected to one of the most powerful units on earth: the Russian military.


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