Russian photoblogger sneaks into secret places and reveals what's inside

16. Lana in the spotlight

As the security issue surrounding the rocket launch became the headlines, intrepid Russian photoblogger Lana Sator received personal warnings from high-ranking government officials in her country threatening her official letters. Lana was informed that she was not worthy while she continued to share photos of the Khimki Missile Factory on the Internet.

Lana Sator Russian photoblogger rocket factory

Gizmodo / Lana Sator

Put simply, the letter of omission Lana said coldly that her "situation will worsen". But Lana waved and kept the pictures in her personal live journal. Few things could really annoy her. It was the same steel will and curiosity that had brought her into the middle of a secluded forest two years ago when she discovered yet another formidable mystery.


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