Russian photoblogger sneaks into secret places and reveals what's inside

28. Only a right option

Ultimately, Lana had to rely solely on her photos to get to the surface safely, because even if there were many possible escape shafts, one could not know how stable the deadly fallen wood of the ladders was. She had to trust her instincts and go after what she knew because a fact was certain.

lana sator Russian photoblogger has given up mine

Lana Sator

If she had taken one of the other escape routes, she would not have known how to get home, where she would spit it out in the depths of the forest. In the end, the secrets of the weird mine could not be solved, but the little known about their story was wonderfully illustrated by Lana haunting photographs, With all the close calls and the impact of their search, their urge to adventure was far from over.


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