Russian photoblogger sneaks into secret places and reveals what's inside

30. Sensitive information scattered

The abandoned building contained many expired passports and travel documents, adult criminal charges, juvenile offenders, and more stringent reports. Even more critical, however, was what was appended: The Russian photoblogger found a variety of extremely personal documents, marriage and birth certificates, which belonged to the Muscovites.

Russian photoblogger made of wool

In contrast to her attack on the rocket factory in Khimki, this time she felt compelled to publish the site of her discovery in the hope that it would induce the local authorities to act. Sure, her story became viral, and only a few hours later, the police locked up the area. What incredible things will this Russian photoblogger discover next?

Swell: Gizmodo, jellyfish, Lana Sator – LiveJournal


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