Salon turned wife away, an inspiring Walmart employee made her day

The Walmart employee is the city's conversation after a benevolent gesture to a woman with a disability became viral online. If you need a reminder that there is something good in the world, this story is for you!

Turned away at the door

Angela Peters was shopping at her local Walmart in Burton, MI, when she spotted a nail salon, Da-Vi Nails, at the store. She decided on a quick manicure. In the end, however, she was denied service and the reason is unbelievable.

Facebook / Angela Jean Peters

Angela has cerebral palsy that causes involuntary shaking throughout the body. The salon technician in the salon is said to have refused to take care of her because "she's moved too much," says Bystander Tasia Smith. However, an employee at the Walmart would soon light up Angela's day with a surprise touch!

A surprising act of friendliness

Ebony Harris has learned about Angela's unfortunate encounter and decided to do something about it. Ebony went through the beauty walkways and found nail products to give Angela a manicure herself! She bought nail polish, nail polish remover and other accessories to give Angela the manicure she deserved.

Facebook / Tasia Smith

It turns out that Ebony knew Angela because Angela often camps at this Walmart. Ebony did not want one of her favorite customers to go home unhappily. "I just wanted to do their special day, I did not really want it to get ruined, that's why I did it," Ebony said in an interview. "And besides, she is a sweetie." Angela was not only happy about Ebony's friendliness; She was also impressed by the great work of the Walmart employee on her nails.

Take a stand

Tasia, who works in a subway at the Walmart, has captured the wonderful moment between these two in front of the camera. The nice action quickly went viral to the social media. Many praised Ebony for their small but moving act while speaking out on alleged discrimination against the nail salon.

Facebook / Tasia Smith

However, both Ebony and Angela are determined to keep things positive. "We are not trying to thwart this nail studio, We do not try to lose her customersLet them look bad, "Ebony said," but maybe, awareness spreads that no matter which person, who they are, what color they are, disability, whatever, they are also human. She is a girl girl. She's just like you, me, Tasia, my daughter, anyone. She wants to look pretty, you know, and why can not she? "Well said!


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