Save your fingers and your phone with electronic this winter

In the harsh winter months, it can be difficult to keep your hands warm. Finding ways to heat your hands and save your phone's battery is totally unknown. Luckily, these five electronic hand warmers can do both! Do not experience the cold seasons without these revolutionary devices that can warm your hands and revive your phone.

Outdoor way electric hand warmer

If you're constantly on the move, or would like to participate in numerous outdoor winter activities, such as skiing or hiking, this is definitely what you need. Made of sturdy aluminum, this device features a 55 lumens emergency stop flashlight, which also serves as a backup battery, and a protective carrying case and provides up to seven hours of heat. What else do you need?

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Human Creations EnergyFlux Slim

This slim little number offers two levels of warmth, so you do not have to worry about your hands getting too chilly. It also has a handy push button and a solid battery in a much smaller case than most. This is perfect for storing your bag or bag for work on commuting.

Human creations

Ocoop USB Hand Warmer & Power Bank

This two-sided beauty is perfect for the most impatient of us. The OCOOPA hand warmer has three different heat settings and delivers heat after just three seconds! It also provides eight hours of charging time and serves as a backup powerbank for any USB-enabled device, such as a phone or tablet.


Big Blue hand warmer

The Big Blue is appropriately named because it is quite large compared to the others on the list. But it is so great for a good reason! This hand warmer provides nine hours of uninterrupted heat at the lowest setting, has an LED flashlight and is heated on both sides. If you need a hand warmer or backup battery for a while, this is the one for you.

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Human Creations EnergyFlux Ellipse

another Human creations Handwarmer, this proves that they really know what they are doing. The EnergyFlux provides heat at 109 or 120 degrees and gives off six hours of heat per charge. It also has an LED indicator of battery level and battery is the top rated hand warmer on Amazon So you know it will not let you down.

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