Self-cleaning, intelligent toilet for your dog

Dog people are a special breed that will do anything for their fur baby. It's not always fun to bring a dog outside to relieve the rain, and collecting a miller or garbage collection bag is anything but glamorous. The Texas-based company has developed an indoor toilet for dogs that rewards Fido with a treat and sprays the air freshener after each use.

Bow Wow about that

Newton's box released its Inubox prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dogs and their owners were "overjoyed" at the prospect of an automated smart toilet for puppies.

Margrath / Reddit

Newton's box launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce the indoor dressers for dogs after its premiere at CES. Supporters of the campaign can secure an Inubox for their four-legged family with 42% off the recommended retail price.

Beat the whelping box

Inubox is a pet disposal system for the future that features a touch screen control and app for comfort. Sensors know when a dog enters and leaves the platform, and an eight-minute robotic arm cleaning process keeps fluid and solid waste out of sight.

Inubox / YouTube

Everything that is collected is put in an environmentally friendly bag until it is disposed of. The Inubox ensures that bitches are treated after each use to encourage dogs to use the indoor toilet.

Worth a tail wagon

The Inubox has a retail value of $ 1,200, but for an odorless toilet that you do not have to clean for months, it's well worth the price. Ivan Gutierrez, founder of Newton's box, said: "We created Inubox by thinking about ourselves best friends, "

Daria Shevtova / Pexels

often dog Parents are stressed if they leave their puppies at home for hours, can not relieve themselves when they are at work or carry out an assignment. Inubox offers a sophisticated solution that is equally appealing to pooches and owners.


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