Sign that you are intoxicated

Love is a tricky thing. If we are blind, we can overlook some red flags that show us the emotional abuse and a poisonous relationship. It's a cycle that's hard to break, but we're here to help you recognize these warning signs and let you know that you are better than that and should not settle down.

You experience passive aggressive behavior from your partner. You may ask them what is going on and they say "nothing" but punish you with the silent treatment. Passive aggressive behavior is not healthy and does not help resolve conflicts. Gas light is an experience of this behavior.

They have almost manic behavior. In a second, they push you away and are mad at the smallest thing, and the next you tell them how much you love them and want you to be the future mother of their children. High and low extremes are equally toxic.

You make "jokes" that you refuse or disparage, but claim it's just a joke and you're sensitive. This is a red flag that your partner is an emotional tyrant. Do not feel like you're overreacting if you do not.

You can not live without your consent. They always need the permission of them, which makes no sense in a mature relationship between two adults. Big life choices are one thing, but going out with friends or being alone? That's a micro-delivery toxicity right there!


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