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Social media crazy about Emirates Airplane


When are you a luxury airline and want to make a statement, how do you do that? With Bling and a lot of it. Alles. Over. You. Plane.

Blinded Airplane Dazzles Fans

The fans knew that Emirates Airlines was known for providing luxurious air travel with first-class service, but when they saw the photo below, they did not believe their eyes. Has the airline really taken luxury to the next level?


When they saw this tweet of a sparkling jet nicknamed Bling 777, they believed it.

Social media is getting wild

After the photo was tweeted, the Internet exploded. Everyone assumed that the gems were real. Some people feared that the extra weight of the diamonds would endanger the passengers once they were in the air. Some were upset that the airline is spending millions of dollars so lightly when people are in need. Others accused the airline of showing.

Yahoo Finance / Twitter

What many fans missed was that the plane was not encrusted in diamonds at all. It was a work of art by Sara Shakeel, a former dentist photographer who is known for creating pictures with sparkling portraits. The airline attributed it to her in the first tweet, but most fans did not realize it and considered the plane real.

Reaction surprised Emirates and Shakeel

The success of the tweet surprised Shakeel, Emirates Airlines and many others. Shakeel has almost 500,000 followers and the airline is also closely followed. As a result, the post has been tweeted thousands of times again and the public's response has been intense. Shakeel passed on her own reaction via social media twitter,

Sara Shakeel Twitter

Emirates Airlines had a spokesperson to answer. "We've just posted a work of art created by crystal artist Sara Shakeel and I can confirm it's not real," he said in the Dubai Daily News.

These corrections were a big effort, but they did not really calm fans' reactions. Sparkling Jet Airliner is hard to forget and many fans still do not seem to believe it's real. Maybe one day it will come true, but at the moment the picture is just a picture nice artwork,


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