Social media users know how shampoo advertising is done

Shampoo ads give us all great jealousy. The models on the screen look as if every strand of hair is perfect and they have more volume than we laymen could ever reach. How do shampoo advertisements make these larger than life looks? Spoiler alarm: green screens are used!

How was the discovery made?

The commercial industry does not advertise all their secrets. @Okolnir is a Canadian manga artist and Twitter user. The artist was looking for information on how to draw hair in motion, but what was found is even more amazing.


Okolnir stumbled over the scenery photos of a commercial shampoo. As we all know, shampoo advertisements usually have a model in front of the camera and talk about the great benefits of the shampoo as her hair blows around. When the hair stops blowing, each strand seems to lie perfectly again.

How it works

These luxurious scenes, with the wind blowing in the wind, are usually shot with a green screen background and three people in front of the camera. One person is the model with the fabulous hair, and the other two also wear green screen bodysuits.


The green screen extras have been described so accurately by "Green Ninjas" twitter User @LonelyGeekess. The ninjas stand on boxes or stools, which are also covered with green screen material. They also have green sticks in their hands and hold the hair of the model with green sticks.

They do not use big fans

The model's hair is actually moving with green sticks. Through the magic of the green screen, we only see the movement on the other side of the camera.


It's not always as it seems, and shampoo advertising is far from what we expected. Disclaimer: No fans are used in making a shampoo commercially,


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