Someone Asked the Internet to Share Their Craziest IRL Plot Twists and the Results Do Not Disappoint

    Someone asked the internet to share their craziest IRL stop-turns and did not disappoint the results

    When I moved across the country a few months ago, I tried to find a short-term home while looking for an apartment to make my home. I've been through my share of dodgy subleases, and I was so worried that I would not land a spot that I was looking for months in advance. On my first day of surfing, I came across a beautiful and affordable one bedroom in a really convenient location, but was extremely skeptical of the post office because of the traumatized I have from my previous experiences.

    I have with the ghosts asking for a cash deposit and then claiming they are in the hospital Exactly on the same day they should meet me on the keys. I had people canceling my reservation as soon as I landed in their city … Needless to say, I'm an experienced lodger. When I found this lovely one-bedroom room on Craigslist, I was sure the offer was too good to be true. So I proactively took a defensive stance when I contacted via email. I asked for boring specifications in the apartment and went over the payment details with exhaustive thoroughness. I even asked if a friend could drop by to make sure there were no secret housekeepers or something so sketchy. Then I got an email back.

    TWIST: I recognized the address of the bubbling fan mail I sent her years ago. The apartment belonged to my favorite author and I was just about to contact her directly by e-mail. Flash forward a few months and we are friendly and occasionally email each other or meet for coffee to catch up. And so my nightmare quest became a friendship with one of the best and most famous writers of our time.

    And live for real action changes like these. They keep us on our toes as we thwart this journey of life. Therefore, if in / whytho37 Reddit asked to share their weirdest plot, the results were incredible.

    Scroll down for twists so well, you would not believe that they actually happened when you saw them in a movie.


    The altruistic cheater


    My sister's friend decided that he wanted to do more with his architectural knowledge, so he gave his two weeks notice and moved to Haiti to help rebuild after the earthquake. They stayed together. He had a bad phone service, so they usually kept in touch via email. He sent her long e-mails with photos and stories of what they were doing. This went on for a few months.

    A tip from a colleague and a week later, and it turned out he never went to Haiti. He moved to Seattle to be with his fiancé and nine-year-old partner.



    The delusional grandfather


    During the last year of my grandfather's life, he had dementia and was struggling to keep an eye on reality. Before he was taken to the hospice, he constantly complained about a man who was in his house, he would say that he would come at night and that he would take his things and use his things. Of course Grandma reassured him that she was the only one. His doctor has increased his medication because he has lost so much contact with reality.

    Quick to the funeral of my grandfather, and a man appeared who was known only by a few people in the family. It turns out that he was an old friend of my grandmother who showed up to give his support. In a small town like this, it was not uncommon for random people to come to the funeral home, who knew the person at some point.

    A good year later, my grandmother slips that she sees someone, the guy from the funeral. Not too weird at the time, they talked to the church and we thought it was cute.

    Then a little later sweet innocent or grandma mentions that it is her 3rd anniversary.

    Grandfather died two years earlier. This man was the person who saw him every night in his house. He was the reason everybody thought grandpa was going crazy, that was why my grandfather was on medication until the last horrible year of his life.

    DR: Grandfather thought he saw someone in his house before he died. It turned out that he was grandma's friend.



    The simultaneous victim perp


    In 1991, I'm 19, just signed the lease for my first (solo) apartment, just got the first paycheck from my new job, I got the paycheck at an ATM yl). Two weeks later, I got my account statement by mail, and I'm only $ 1.87 in my account. Wrong, I should have at least $ 200, I was very careful with my expenses. I freaked out, I got within $ 2 of my first rental check.

    I literally reach the phone to call the bank when the phone rings. It is the police who asks if my debit card has been stolen. I checked my wallet and the card was missing and I told them that I would still call them because I missed $ 200 from my account. "Well, we have your card and your $ 200, so come down to the police station," they tell me.

    I can not figure out how they got my card AND the money. Makes no sense. I drive down there.

    Detective says someone has to pull an ATM and see a man behaving suspiciously while using it, moving back and forth as if trying to dodge the camera. Bob says that the man left the ATM, got into a car, and drove off at high speeds. Bob then went to the ATM and put in his card, which jumped out. Bob then withdrew $ 200, and then another bank card appeared. My card. Bob's card had burst because the cheater had left my card in the ATM before he had hurried off. Bob realized that he had withdrawn the money from my account and not from his, so he brought the card to the police and reported the attempted theft.

    The detective gives me the description of the crook. According to Bob, it was a male of 5 "7", brown hair, round gold-rimmed glasses, and I say aloud, "Well, about my height, my hair color, and glasses like mine," before he noticed Bob describing me.

    I would never deposit an ATM slip first, so I moved back and forth, following the instructions on the screen, filling out the envelope with my account number, putting the amount in, etc. I forgot to take out my card and just left because I'm a fucking idiot. I was driving at high speed because I was 19 and so I drove everywhere.

    I was worried the detective might be upset, I did not tell him that I was the crook, I just thanked and left the money I had stolen myself. Somewhere in a box in my closet, I still report to the police, where I am both the victim and the perpetrator.



    These Mile High Flirts


    It was on a flight from Paris to Boston. I had the aisle opposite a small bathroom hall in the middle of the plane. At one point, a guy from a couple of rows goes into a bathroom and after a few minutes comes out and gets in the hallway, so it gets my attention. He keeps coming in and comes back out where he sits. I see a woman sitting next to his empty seat shaking her head, but he does not give up. Finally, as 5 times in and out, he finally gets the woman to come back. The lights are out and most of the plane is asleep and as soon as she comes back to him, they start to make a hallway in the bathroom, before he goes in one and pulls her with him.

    They are there for a while and then he comes out and goes back to his place and after a few minutes she comes out and does the same. They are really flirty in their seats and repeat it about an hour later. The man goes in and joins him. They do this during the flight three times. My husband, sitting next to me, remembered what they were doing and made a joke about how they should be bridal couples on their honeymoon.

    We get off the plane and the woman is standing at the gate and the man is nowhere to be seen. When the people from the back of the plane come to a very different man, she goes to her and gives her a kiss on the lips and asks if she can sleep on the flight and calls her sweet. Then they walk around with their arms around the luggage compartment. Obviously, what we considered an adventurous bride and groom was actually a woman who banded in with her seated neighbor while her husband sat in the back of the plane.



    The esthetician with commendable self-control


    My beautician gave a Brazilian wax to a new customer. A new customer talks about this new guy she's with and how he's a bartender at XYZ. The beautician's friend was the bartender.

    It's always fun to find out that you're knee-deep and the p – the woman with whom you're being cheated grows.



    The guy who just wanted a passport


    I worked with a man in his early 20s who was preparing to leave the country with his family for the first time at the time of the story. He was damn excited and we got the game after all the things – Where they lived, what they intended to do, he prepared himself …

    Specifically, he would need a passport, but his birth certificate was lost. When the substitute came, the name "Mama" is not the woman he called his mother all his life, it is his "sister". It turned out that his "sister" had him very young and his grandparents basically accepted him and raised her as her son and nobody ever told him the truth. So sister was actually mother and mother and father were actually grandpa and grandma. Real father is unknown.

    He took a few days off to work out, still on the trip, still seemingly having a great time.



    The girl whose high school memories returned to her


    When I was a senior in high school, there was a freshman girl, the "Single White Femaled" me. She would follow me and tell me how cool and funny I was. She asked which hair product I used, which body spray, where I bought my clothes, etc.

    I was not funny or cool, and frankly it was flattering at first. She styled her hair like mine, but it was high school in the 90s and we did our hair pretty much the same. Then she started dressing like me. Then she got involved in all the activities I was in. Then she told people that we were cousins. She found my phone number in the phone book (again, the '90s) and would call me the whole damned time. It was strange. I've been trying very hard to avoid her.

    After my graduation, she found me in the field and hugged me. She was sobbing – big, ugly, snotty sobs – to tell me how she would miss me and school would not be the same without me. I shot out and then forgot about it completely.

    Flash forward nine years and I'm just starting to go with the man who is now my husband. We go through old pictures and I see this girl from high school. And I'm like, "Hey, I know this girl, she was that weird girl that haunted me in high school, why do you have a picture of her?"

    It was his ex-wife.



    This mixed Canberra compound and subsequent meta-twist


    I graduated from law and became engaged to the girl I had through the university. We both applied for the same graduate program and are working in the same office in Canberra.

    Three months before our wedding, I found out she was cheating on us with our common boss, and I interrupted her with her. Long story short, it was really, really ugly and we both ended up in a very bitter lawsuit over property.

    Canberra is a pretty little town and the legal world is pretty damn small there, and wherever I went I met my ex. It started to defeat me seriously, and I applied in Tuvalu, a Pacific island with about 11,000 inhabitants , for an Australian government overseas. It's a very prestigious job, with only two positions offered for a two-year contract on a rotating basis.

    I was successful in the application and moved to the island to start my contribution. To find out that my ex was the other successful candidate.

    I spent the next two years sharing a tiny office on a tiny island with the person I frankly detest more than anyone else in the world.


    And if that was not crazy enough, twobynight wrote this in the comments:

    You left in 2006 I was one of the guys who replaced you in this program.

    In the first month I was there, you told me about 100 times in Funafuti's bar.

    I can not believe I see that on Reddit.

    Holy King.

    the larriedbutmooking answered with

    Yes that was me. I hid at the Funfuti Lagoon Hotel about 5 nights a week: D

    Little world!

    in front withoutthes cracked the joke that was on everyone's lips:

    One of the smallest twists is Canberra, which is not mentioned anywhere else r / Canberra,


    The older woman who got her cosmic revenge


    An 85-year-old woman, the widow of a World War II soldier who was neglected by her friends and children, had to sell her home and she could not afford to move to a much smaller house, but always help people and to look after them others, infallibly polite and friendly …

    … Suddenly the sensation of the whole village in Scotland, where she lived, announced that the new tenant of the castle, at the edge of which was her little house, had asked her to marry him. He was also an older man, but he was – and truly – a genius geneticist, he is a knight, a professor at the University of Edinburgh, and a multimillionaire many times over all his patents.

    They were married last year. And all their rich, great friends, who neglected them and invited them only to their beautiful mansions, because they would pour tea and behave like a maid, now have to retire … Lady Wilmut.



    The Love Struck Starbucks Barista


    I was a Starbucks bartender before the whole "name on cups" thing was big – or at least it was not really practiced in my tiny shop.

    There was this very sweet guy who came maybe 4-6x a week. A little often, but nothing out of the ordinary. I flirted like crazy. He flirted back. It was all great. Then he comes in with his fiancée. I was cheated and treated him cold from now on.

    One month later two of them get together and I find out that they are – er, they – twins and I shot down every chance I got with the single.



    The busy grandfather


    The funeral of my grandfather. He was always a fairly reserved and distant father, as far as I understood. It would be the stereotype of a northern dock worker coming home expecting dinner to be in the table and then going to the pub all night through the bookies.

    Anyway, we all got together for his funeral. We are a big, but close family, so we all know, including his friends. However, a guy appears about the age of my father and siblings nobody knows.

    In short, it turns out that it's my grandfather's son. From another family. From another marriage. That went as long as his marriage to my grandmother. My grandfather had two marriages over 40 years, with 7 children with my grandmother and only with this other woman. They knew about our family and stayed away, and apparently my grandmother knew about them, but she remained silent.

    It turned out he did not go to the pub every night.



    The motorcycle rebel


    A friend of mine, apparently he was sneaking with his friends on a trip out of town because his parents did not let him go. They were on motorcycles, already on the way out of town he suddenly had an accident with another bike. It was his father he fell into.



    The couple too good to be true


    When I was in college, I worked with a really young man in the two-person office for 40+ hours a week for nearly two years. I was pretty close to 30 at the time and I think he was just 20, so he kind of saw me as a mentor. Needless to say, we talked about a lot of things and became pretty good friends.

    However, a few months before he knew the guy, he got a new girlfriend. I heard about every date, her first kiss, her first fight, her first trip, her first time in bed. Pretty soon the child found herself in love. I was married and divorced, so I shared many of the things I had learned during my marriage so that this child could make better decisions that I had made.

    My girlfriend and I have made several appointments with him and his girlfriend, and despite the fact that we have been considered to be parents more than once, we both thought that they had made a wonderful couple. Since something had happened at the last minute and prevented him from taking her home during Thanksgiving, he was very excited to take her home to meet her during the Christmas break. A large part of his extended family would be there.

    Within days, everything is decoded. He told her about family members who would attend and she began to recognize people. They drew pedigrees on paper and learned that they were first cousins ​​- blood, not marriage. As well as not from Alabama, they ended their relationship. He had saved for an engagement ring.



    The devilish pregnancy


    The only guy I worked with was a baby. He told me about his girlfriend: "Yeah, she's pretty tall, but she's amazing, she's the one for me." I did not know him very well, but when he talked about the pregnancy and I gave him encouraging words and how his life would change so much, we bandaged together a bit. His baby would be born just before Christmas, he missed our Christmas party because his baby was born! We expect him to be away for paternity leave, but he turns up a few days later. I feared the worst that the baby had died.

    It turned out that his girlfriend lied, to be pregnant, to spend more time with him. I did not think much about it then, but the fact that she raised her was fat for no reason and meant she was so fat she could not tell if she was pregnant or not. She showed him someone else's ultrasound, they talked about what they would call their baby, how they would deal with it, all this shit.

    I do not know what she thought when nine months passed and no baby. I think it's good that she came clean, a fiendish person would have a miscarriage or something fake. But that was seriously messed up. Shortly after the guy left, I do not really know how he dealt with it.



    The story of two doppelgangers


    I met a guy online, he was cool, he found out that he lived less than two hours from where I live.

    We meet. First, see the faces of the others.

    f ** King doppelganger.

    It's my dad's older brother. Our two bio-fathers are saved before we were born. Both of us were sexually abused by teachers as children (he was 15, 13 years old). We both have soy allergies and lysinuric protein intolerance (it's genetic).

    and both joined the army and failed during BCT due to undiagnosed mental health problems.

    Our lives were parallel. He is only a year older than me.



    The Karma of the Womanizer


    My friend at school was such a jock. Always working, total womanizer, had posters of women in bathing suits. Also politically quite conservative. A few years later he is in a relationship with a black man and also converted to Judaism. They adopted a girl from Korea.

    King Gorilla


    The college mentor turned birth father


    I was adopted as an infant from South America to the United States and had no memory of my birth parents. I had an older friend / mentor I met in college. I knew him as Mike. When I learned that my birth mother died, I got some of her belongings, including some pictures. Who was in these pictures? Mike.

    He was my birth father.



    The thief who did not do his research


    I stole my four-wheeler years ago and the thief tried to sell it to my father because he did not know we were related. 😂

    Edit: He did not even bother to remove my deadpool decals 😂



    This family misunderstanding


    I never tried to have a girlfriend because I was sure that my father would be mad and ground me for years, if not worse. He secretly worried why I had "never been lucky" with girls. I shunned and rejected her because I was afraid of him.



    The Family Run-In


    Was with a friend of mine, who ran into her father …. and his other family.



    The abusive husband with a good apology for his behavior


    I knew a woman who was going through divorce with her husband. He was always suspicious and borderline turned against her, certainly always screaming and humiliating.

    Then, just as the divorce was coming to a close, he suddenly died.

    His autopsy revealed that he had a massive undiagnosed brain tumor that physically altered his personality. His wife felt guilty and took it on with everyone she spoke to and lost many friends.



    The painful crush


    One of my good high school friends began to hang out with this guy from the other public high school in our town and in a short time they were basically united on the hip. She had a crush on him and was pretty sure she liked her too, but she never had a boyfriend before and was too shy to take the first step. One evening they were hung up and he told her that he had something big to confess … he was gay.

    They remained close friends. Then, a few months later at a party, the guy introduced us all to his younger (one year old) brother. The guy and his brother looked similar, had similar personalities and exactly the same sense of humor. Fast forward 20 years, and my friend is happily married to the brother, and her husband is godparent for her children.

    Sometimes the painful swarm pays off for the gay guy.



    The airport Mixup


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