Someone made a whole Disney theme house

Are you the biggest Disney fan in the world? Good news You're in luck. The Disney Themed House is now available in Palm Bay, Florida, for less than $ 1 million. With Disney-themed bedrooms, two Mickey Mouse pools and more, this is the perfect home away from home.

First impressions are important

For anyone who wants to live in this unique home, you do not have to make the first impression with your friends. You will be amazed when you notice the stained glass door with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Your friends know immediately that you are a serious Disney fan.

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Be our guest

The kitchen is simple and small. But check out the fun mural of Disney's main band, including Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto. The mural is the focal point of the room. Every meal feels like you're eating with your favorite Disney characters. Be our guest, someone?

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Theme room

The house has five bedrooms, each decorated with a mural. For example, one bedroom is painted pink and has a mural by Winnie the Pooh. Another room is themed "under the sea" The little mermaid Whether you have children or not, you will love the beautifully decorated bedrooms.

Sotheby's International Real Estate Treasure Coast

Luxurious bathroom

The house has six bathrooms and each is luxurious with huge bathtubs. A bathroom has a mirror in the shape of a Mickey Mouse and frosted flowers on the window. However, this is not the last time you see Mickey. The characteristic mouse ears of the character are scattered throughout the house. It's a real scavenger hunt.

Sotheby's International Real Estate Treasure Coast

Your own amusement park

While the house is fun, it's even more fun outdoors. Living in FloridaYou spend more time outdoors with your own amusement park. The house has two pools, a slide, a bridge and a grotto – not to mention the 8 hectares of land. Are you ready to make an offer? The house is on the market for $ 850,000, which is not so expensive when living in a country Disney Paradise.

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