Strange objects from history and their bizarre use

From locked chastity belts to tonsil guillotines designed to literally chop off your tonsils, there were many, many items that were used in the past to be absolutely enthusiastic. Join us as we move back in time to highlight the five most bizarre objects in the story that we (happy) have laid to rest.

Toy washing machine

Today we only use a little washing-up liquid and warm water to wash our children's toys. But at that time small children used a small manual washing machine to get the dirt out of their toys or little doll clothes. Undoubtedly, they prepare young girls for the domestic life of adult life.


Pocket Sundial

No, that's not the famous time-turner in which Hermione lived Harry Potter, It's actually a pocket sundial that was used by those who loved to travel before there were phones that automatically recalculated your time zone. This tiny tool was considered very reliable as soon as you could read it because it was almost indestructible and only ran on the sun.


Perfume medallion

Bathrooms were few and far between the installation of indoor plumbing. To dampen the smell of body odor, women (and sometimes men) used a perfume-filled medallion to trick the senses. It was a pretty mid-to-high class accessory that could afford it, but we're glad to bathe regularly and not have to rely on these little trinkets any more.


egg peeler

Although it looks like a historic torture device, this weird little thing was once used to peel egg shells. They cook only hard eggs and then use this terrible tool to crack the shell and scratch it away. Um … we just go with the spoon-and-hand method, please.


Perpetual pill

Similar to Willy Wonka forever gobstopper, except much less tasty. Reusable and made of metalloid antimony, this pill was no different healthy, Thought to be a way to cleanse the body, you would take the pill and then wait for it to leave the body completely unaltered. It was so popular that a single pill was passed on as a kind of heirloom to the whole family. Large!



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