Strengthen and stretch your back with the following exercises

    The human back is, according to Dr. A. Michael A. Adamec, who owns the chiropractic clinic Adamec Chiropractic, located in Rotterdam. Dr. Adamec adds that the human back is made up of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels that extend from the neck to the buttocks. The anatomy of the back provides flexibility and support for other parts of the body, including the head and trunk. But especially Dr. Adamec explains that the back home is the spinal cordwhich serves as the mainstay of our body.

    Because of how important and big the back is, strain and to strengthen it is imperative, especially the elders we become. But the hard part is finding the right exercises and doing them right to avoid injury. With that said, I knew best to identify the right exercises and stretches to consult the experts on this matter.

    Dr. Chad Ellis, chiropractor from Brampton, Canada, and Tomasz Holubiczko, Personal Trainer at System Fitness in Toronto, Canada, exclusively talked to Providr about the best and easiest exercises to strengthen and stretch your back.

    Head-to-foot stretch: Dr. Ellis said in a telephone interview: "You should not stretch out when you wake up in the morning." Tomasz added, "Warm muscles are more elastic, they stretch better, and there is a risk of pulling." Tomasz added, "Warm muscles are elastic, stretch better and there is a risk of pulling the muscle is kept to a minimum. "I asked Tomasz what he thought was a slight stretch for the lower back, he advised everyone to a head-to-toe stretch should do for 20 seconds. To do this exercise, stand upright and slowly bend your back and try to touch the tips of your toes with your hands.

    2. Upper backstretch: I asked Dr. Ellis, why it is so important to strengthen and stretch the back: "For me it is important to strengthen and stretch the back, because it is at the heart and surrounds your spinal cord.Strengthening and stretching can prevent injuries "The lower back area is important to keep the spinal cord strong and upright. When people have a weak lower back, they are more susceptible to back injury or even poor posture. So I asked Tomasz what he would recommend for a lower back extension. He said, "You start by pushing your hands out on an edge at the head and arms that push your entire upper body to the point of a slight discomfort, the legs can be slightly flexed for more stretch, hold for 20 seconds long.

    3. Pull face: It is no secret that with a weak or injured back, daily activities can be difficult. So I asked Tomasz why he thought the back was important. He said, "Once we hurt it or even neglect it, the daily work becomes more difficult, transporting food, lifting things, even running, could be a struggle for people with weak back muscles." I then asked him, which exercises for the upper back he would recommend for people who want to strengthen their upper back muscles; "The face pulls his hands down, it also corrects the posture, bringing back shoulders and negates upper body crossed syndrome, especially office workers are affected," he said. To do this exercise, you can do it without weight, you can use a exercise band or even use the rope with a few weights.

    4. Back Extensions: From experience, when you go to the gym you will see different people doing different exercises that you have never seen before. So I asked Tomasz which back exercises people should avoid. He said to me, "Anything that looks fancy, people should stick to the basics that have worked for generations of bodybuilders and recreational athletes." After I said that, I asked what exercises he recommended to strengthen the lower back would. Without hesitating, he replied, "Back extensions, hands behind the head or chest, and really strong pressure on the glutes in the top position, it also makes gluten and hamstrings stronger, and weak hamstrings are responsible for 80% of the back problems. "

    5. barbell rows: Tomasz explained that there are more than 50 muscles in the back of the person. So I asked him what a few things should know about her back. He told me that people should focus on multi-joint exercises to make sure that most of these muscles work together and that your body creates more neural connections that make it stronger. Sometimes you need an exercise that is considered one of the best for strength. So I asked Tomasz what he would suggest as the best exercise for maximum upper back strength. He said, "Barbell rows, it's an exercise where everyone can use most of the weight of all back exercises and become a money maker." For beginners, it's a good idea to start with light weight until you get familiar with posture Has.

    6. Deadlift: Now that I was aware of the best strength training for the upper back, I needed to know what Tomasz would recommend for the best back end strengthening exercise. He recommends deadlifting: "It also works on the legs, buttocks, arms and abdominals, and just about every muscle in the back. The more muscles involved in an exercise, the stronger we can become." As I mentioned in the barbell rows Deadlift full concentration and perfect posture. Why? Well, Tomasz explains the most common back injury he's experienced: "Herniated discs – that's 90% of all back injuries that I have experienced over the years in various gyms – and all began with weak muscles around the spine."

    7. Sitting rows: For beginners Tomasz recommended that they make different variations of rows, which would include rows of seats with a tensor band. This exercise is more of a stretching exercise than of building strength.

    When the interview with Tomasz came to an end, I asked him if he had alternatives for people who did not have time to go to the gym or spend some time to strengthen themselves and straighten their backs. He said, "Doing sports or doing martial arts is the most natural way to exercise your body, great for flexibility and joint health." I can refer to what Tomasz suggests; I am an avid fitness enthusiast and sports enthusiast. I want to have a strong and healthy back when I get older. With age comes weaker muscles and bones, and if you already have a weak back, it can lead to significant health problems.

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