Surfer goes down in history after riding a world record wave

Surfing is a dangerous and invigorating sport. The thrill of overcoming all the laws of gravity is unbeatable. That's why Rodrigo "Koxa" started surfing when he was only nine years old. The beaches of Brazil provided the boy with a refuge and an outlet. He could not possibly know that he would beat the world record for the biggest wave surfed by two feet.

The man

Rodrigo "Koxa" Augusto do Espírito Santo is a 38-year-old Brazilian surfer who specializes in big waves. One of the biggest he has ever surfed was in Chile. This was the one who helped him break the record for the biggest wave surfed in South America in 2010.

Helio Antônio

This monster wall of water was a whopping 60 feet high! After the thrill of driving down such a swell, Koxa decided he wanted to do it again. This time he would break the world record.

The myth

On 8 November 2017 Koxa paddled into the deep waters of Nazaré in Portugal. He sat patiently waiting for the perfect wave. When the time came, he fastened the mount and finished the ride without extinguishing it.

Surfer today

Koxa is happy that his attempt has decided in his favor. Surfing can be an extremely dangerous sport, and a world record wave only adds to the risk. In fact, the surfer who won the Best Wipeout Award this year could not even attend the injury he received.

The legend

The video of Koxa on his 80-foot wave eventually became viral. The gravity-defying stunt he performed stunned viewers everywhere. However, after more than fifteen minutes of fame, Koxa defied death last year.


He wanted to hit you world Record and he did it. His wave is now the largest you already surfed. Unfortunately, he had to wait several months for the officials to confirm his record at the 2018 World Surf League Big Wave Awards in California. Watch the video here.


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