T-Rexes conquer the field in the unforgettable state of Iowa

University marching bands always have to think outside the box to impress football fans. It's more involved than the music. The performance must be a spectacle of entertainment, from choreography to costumes and more.

The Iowa State University brass band knew exactly what to do to pump up the crowd during a football match in October. All that was needed was the help of a few dinosaurs to achieve this memorable half-time performance.

A forgetting football game

Not many people remember the 30-14 Iowa State victory over West Virginia University in October. The game did not become a viral video on social media. Instead, all the glory went to the brass band.

Teen Vogue

During the halftime of the match, the Iowa State Marching Band won the game – and the hearts of the fans – by presenting an unforgettable show. The fans probably did not expect hundreds of people to disguise themselves as dinosaurs hit the football field.

Best tribute ever

Do not worry; The dinosaurs were planned. The performance of the brass band was a tribute Jurassic Park. An ordinary band would have choreographed the marching musicians to form the shape of a dinosaur on the field. But that was not good enough for Iowa State.


Instead, the band brought out hundreds of people wearing dinosaur costumes. They danced to the music and surprised the crowd with an unforgettable show.

Go viral

No wonder the fans recorded and passed on the performance Social media, It was not long before the videos became viral. Even FOX College Football shared the video on Twitter and all supported the idea that the Iowa State Marching Band should be the half-time performance of the Super Bowl 2019.

The dinosaurs do not just love Jurassic Park, The marching band effectively coordinated the dinosaurs to participate in the Iowa fighting song, and it was the perfect way to end an impressive performance.


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