Teen Asks Her Celebrity Crush To Prom

Do you remember the stress of finding the perfect dress and date for your senior prom? Luckily, Katie Kelzenberg didn’t have to worry about this. She knew exactly who she wanted to ask and she only hoped he would say yes. Was it a fellow student? No, it was her celebrity crush. Did he say yes?

Popping The Question

Kelzenberg’s celebrity crush is her favorite movie star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. When she didn’t have a date to her senior prom at Stillwater Area High School, she decided to dress up like her crush and ask him in a video if he would “rock it” at prom with her. She didn’t expect him to respond…

Instagram via @katie_kelzenberg

A Surprise Announcement

Johnson was impressed at her video and decided to give her a surprise treat. Kelzenberg was sitting in class one day when a familiar voice spoke to her through the high school’s intercom system. It was Johnson himself! He had a special announcement for her and the 18-year-old burst into tears.

Twitter via @katiekelzenberg

Answering Her Question

Kelzenberg couldn’t believe she was listening to her favorite celebrity talk to her and say her name. He even said they were best friends now. Unfortunately, due to his busy filming schedule, Johnson wasn’t able to commit to attending her senior prom. Was he going to allow that to stop him from making his biggest fan happy? No! Instead, he had an even bigger surprise in mind…

Instagram via @katie_kelzenberg

An Impressive Treat

Johnson rented out all 232 seats in a local movie theater for a special screening of his recent film, Rampage. She could bring all of her closest friends and everything was paid for—the tickets, food, and more. Kelzenberg’s reaction was too pure and Johnson shared on social media that he is lucky to have fans like her.

Instagram via @katie_kelzenberg

An Unforgettable Experience

Johnson was impressed by Kelzenberg’s charm and confidence to ask him to her senior prom that he had to reward her with something special. Even though the actor couldn’t join the teenager at her prom, she brought him along— as a cut-out board. This is certainly an experience she will never forget!

Instagram via @katie_kelzenberg


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