Thank mother to Ex's new girlfriend

It is never easy to see your ex with someone new, especially if you share a child. It's easy to become jealous, unsure or even angry. A 24-year-old Virginia mother was in exactly this situation, but decided to go beyond pettiness. This is the story of how Audrey Loving taught her daughter about acceptance and love by embracing her ex's new girlfriend.

Your ex started with someone who is new

Audrey Loving has been with Corey Henry since she was 18 years old. They got engaged and had a daughter, Riley, who is now four years old. Unfortunately, the stress of maintaining a long-distance relationship has ended things. Today, Audrey has full custody of Riley, but Henry often sees her on weekends.

When Corey started meeting someone new, Audrey was understandably nervous. She had never met new Mrs. Whitney and did not know much about her. Nevertheless, she was determined to improve the situation for her daughter.

The product of a broken house

In an interview with todayLoving explained, "I come from a mixed family – I have step-sisters, half-sisters." When I grew up, I heard the negative talk about the other woman, and I did not want my child to hear the same thing … That's not fair, children are smart. "

When Audrey found out that Henry was new to someone, she was determined to give a different example from what she had grown up with. She also felt compassion for Whitney, who was put into a parenting role with a child who was not her own.

The high road is paid

Instead of creating a drama, Audrey decided to take the main road. In a now viral Facebook post, the mother thanked her husband's new girlfriend. The note read in part: "This is the friend of my father, the daughter, the cutest thing ever! I am very grateful to her because she visits her father, she feeds her, takes care of her, buys her presents and takes care of her basically like her around her. "

Loving's Post quickly gained over 9,000 shares and 2,000 comments, and that number continues to grow. Many women expressed similar situations and praised the mother for them friendlinesswhen so many others have chosen hatred.


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