The artist's rendering of Disney Princesses tell something important

Disney princesses were a role model and inspiration for little girls around the world. Now artist Arien Smith has redesigned the princesses to reveal an important message about the advocacy and visibility of the disabled. The series "Royal Service Dogs" shows popular princesses with disabilities who are supported by service dogs. With his art, Smith wants to raise awareness of how service dogs can support people with disabilities.

Glass slipper help

Princess Cinderella is supported in this illustration by her dog service as the dog helps her take off her glass slippers. This is because Cinderella has fibromyalgia. This condition, characterized by prolonged muscle pain and tenderness, altered sleep, tiredness and altered sleep, can be very debilitating. Luckily, Cinderella has her dog service at her side.

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Sleepytime support

Aurora of sleeping Beauty is shown in this picture suffering from narcolepsy. This neurological condition has a major impact on sleep and alertness, where people suddenly fall asleep without warning. Here, Aurora's service dog, whose name is Spindel, lovingly supports her head as she experiences a daytime sleep episode.

Facebook / Royal Service Dogs: Advocacy and Art

Determined Pawing

Princess Pocahontas can be seen here, just rethought with diabetes. Your service dog helps Pocahontas by poking or nudging her when her blood sugar levels are too high or too low. If someone has diabetes, their body is unable to produce or react to insulin, leading to potentially dangerous glucose levels in the blood.

Facebook / Royal Service Dogs: Advocacy and Art

Service dog at the guard

Here we are looking Belle Beauty in the beast, Only this princess has a disorder that is not so obvious: Generalized anxiety disorder. Belle's service dog helps her stay alert. If someone approached Belle from behind, their service dog was there to warn them when needed.

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Help to create peace

In this illustration princess Tiana out The princess and the frog is represented with autism. Her service dog, though small, helps Tiana immensely by comforting her with tranquility, while Tiana is scared. Help is needed for many people with autism, though service dog tasks may not be as open.

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