The beautiful moment A man with cerebral palsy was surprised

An Alabama man had been suffering from cerebral palsy since he was 16 years old. Now 36, he still dreamed of someday enjoying the beach. Thanks to some good friends, his dream finally came true!

Totally firm

David Thomas had not left his house in 20 years. Despite his cerebral palsy he wanted to spend another day on the beach for himself. He often talked to his loved ones about it. The problem was that his wheelchair could not navigate the sand. He also lived about 250 miles from any ocean.

Facebook / Izas Fuller

David's best friend, Izas Fuller, knew how urgent his friend needed this trip. "I just wanted him to know first-hand what it's like to be in such a beautiful place," Izas said in an interview. So he had to work on an idea that would eventually bring David to the sea.

Think of a master plan

Izas decided that he would surprise his best friend with a trip to Panama City Beach in Florida. However, he still had to find logistics. Izas then found a company that would lend him a special wheelchair for David who could drive through the sand.

Facebook / Izas Fuller

He turned to friends on Facebook to collect money for the rental cost for two days. Overall, the friends could collect $ 170. And then, when the landlord heard David's story, he threw two extra days for nothing! Now Izas David just had to surprise.

Let the sun rise

Izas surprised David with the news about her beach travel, David was absolutely grateful and enthusiastic! They soon left Panama City beachwhere David could look out and ride his new wheelchair out by the water.

Facebook / Izas Fuller

When he came to the beach, David touched the sand for the first time and rode close to the water. The moment was completely in awe of the man. "It took me years to get here, but God has given me a way to come here," he said in an interview. "I never thought it would look like that, but it's beautiful, I love it and I do not want to go home."

Watch David's experience below!


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