The cheesecake factory gave O Free Free Food on April Fool's Day

If you're a fan of The Cheesecake Factory (and who does not?), You're probably going to hit it yourself for missing that great deal. It is the 1st of April, also known as Day of April Fools, The Cheesecake Factory gave free food to 1,000 hungry customers. It seemed like a great idea, but was it a shame?

Free cheesecake

If Oprah Winfrey had been to the Cheesecake Factory on April 1, she would have announced, "You'll get cheesecake, you'll get cheesecake, you'll get cheesecake, everyone gets cheesecake!"

The Beijing boy

The popular restaurant chain offered $ 25 free food to 1,000 customers who ordered DoorDash, an on-demand delivery service. The event started at 4pm. and it worked on the basis of first-come service. The first 1,000 customers received a $ 25 gift card to spend on their order. The gift card can be used for a week, not just on the April day. That's a great gift, right?

They did not joke

Customers were skeptical of the assumption that they might get a cheesecake (and more) on April Fool's Day. You learn at a young age not to believe anyone on the actual holiday. But contrary to what they thought, it was not a prank. The restaurant worked with DoorDash, which could become the biggest business collaboration in recent years.


People love cheesecake, but they also like to stay home. They love the food they deliver to their front door. We are sure if The golden girls Had cheesecake delivered to their door, they would have liked to attend the online event.

Get ready for the next year

We're not sure The Cheesecake Factory will offer the same discount event next year, but it's never too early to prepare for it. Keep up to date with the restaurant news, because if you're like us, you've heard about the discount Day of April Fools,

The cheesecake factory

We are sure, whatever The Cheesecake Factory will do next year, it will be a rewarding event for the customers. Pass the cheesecake. We take two slices.


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