The daughter of the rapper pulls outrageously outrageous braking on a yacht

The temptations of technology often keep us away from our families. This can cause frustrations to increase and relationships to be broken. In one case, at the age of only four, a daughter of the precocious rapper decided to take matters into her own hands. She did something to make sure her dad was finally taking care of her. We'll let you decide if what she did was justified.

Something has gone overboard

Timati, a Russian rapper, was on his yacht with his family when the incident happened. According to him, he spoke on his phone when his little daughter was frustrated. She grabbed the phone from her hand.


His daughter, Alisa, continued to throw the phone overboard. Keep it in a kind of heroic way. Somehow this was intercepted on video and viral.

Controversy follows

Like every video of kids on the internet, everyone had their opinions. Some felt the girl behaved like a spoiled brother, typical of the daughter of a rapper, and accused Timati of badly raising her. They feel that he has got what he deserves.


Others praise the child for what she has done. They think the rapper should have paid more attention to his daughter. In this regard too, people feel that the father is to blame.

A hoax was revealed

Another popular opinion is that the entire video of the rapper's daughter and her antics was staged. Those who support this belief believe that the rapper has concocted this scenario to get more Involvement in social media, We have to admit, this theory is plausible.


For one, the incident happened by chance Video, If the rapper does not roll a camera during his entire vacation, chances are very slim. Anyway, it still makes a pretty funny video that speaks volumes about the current state of our society.


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