The enchanting "Let It Go" performance of this father-son duo

We are all used to gender-specific norms in society. Boys like blue; Girls like pink. Boys like sports; Girls like dolls. However, this incredible dad wanted to prove to his son that male clichés do not matter. And how did he do that? Through a great rendition of the hit "Let It Go" by Disney frozen – Costumes included!

Destruction of toxic masculinity

Too often, it seems that young boys and girls are forced to adapt to the gender stereotype. Especially little boys are prevented from liking girly toys or wearing clothes that are not male. However, many parents in the 21st century destroyed severe gender stereotypes at home. This includes super-dad Ørjan Burøe, who has taught everyone a lesson in raising a confident boy.

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The Norwegian comedian Ørjan Burøe seemed to have two goals in life: to make people laugh and to support his family. He married blogger Marna Haugen, and they soon became proud, loving parents. One of Burøe's clear parenting plans was to make sure that his great songs did not feel the pressure to be masculine and hard.

Education without stereotypes

When Burøe raised his boys, he knew he did not want them to deal with society's prejudices. "It's important to teach children that you can do what you want," he explained. "Soon you will find out who you will be in life." But Burøe not only preaches … he sets his intentions in motion. And his incredible Disney dance with his son lit the internet.

@ Orjanburoe / Instagram

One of his sons, four-year-old Dexter, considers Frozen's Princess Elsa "a superhero." Instead of pointing him in the direction of boyish superhero films, Burøe ventured another, heartwarming approach. He searched online for Elsa robes, went to a tiny tiara and ordered the equipment from Disney. And when Haugen started work, Burøe and Dexter gave an amazing frozen performance.

"Get lost and let it go"

Burøe and Dexter choreographed a precious dance to the classic "Let It Go". They also performed it in absolutely beautiful Elsa costumes! Fortunately, Burøe recorded the whole, lovable routine for the world. The resulting video is both hilarious and heartwarming. Fortunately, most online responses were just as encouraging.

@ Orjanburoe / Instagram

Many were grateful that Burøe wanted to teach his son healthy manhood, That was Burøe's ultimate goal, teaching along with Dexter that it's okay to let go and have fun. "It's important to embarrass yourself and let it go," he said. The duos dance Not only did it prove that gender stereotypes are pointless … it has also shown that you can look amazingly good when you break them!


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